Home Plate Seats

Globe Life Park in Arlington is a state-of-the-art building with the utmost in customer convenience. The 48,114-seat open-air ballpark was designed and built with tradition and intimacy in mind, containing features such as a granite and brick facade, exposed structural steel, an asymmetrical playing field, and a home run porch in right field. Texas architecture is featured throughout, from the outer facade to the Lone Stars in the concourses and on the seat aisles.

This unique complex also includes a four-story office building within the ballpark, a 12-acre lake, and parks and recreation space on the perimeter.

The Home Plate Seats provide the following amenities:

Proximity to Home Plate: The distance from the home plate screen to the plate is 20 feet, one inch, nearly 8 feet shorter than the previous configuration.

Wider Seats: The Home Plate Seats are 22 inches in width and have additional leg room from the regular Ballpark seating rows. The seats are cushioned and feature higher backs. There is metal drink rail for the first row and cup holders for the second and third rows of Home Plate Seats.